Sugarfree Films

About Us


Sugarfree Films Ltd is a London based Independent Feature Film Production company.

Sugarfree is an autonomous company, developing and producing our own projects as well as commissioned films.

We control all aspects of the creative process, from script development and film shoots, all the way through post production to completion.

We produced our first film, Part Time Lover in 1993. Although only a short film, it was acquired by a major film distributor and received a cinema release in the UK. The film went on to be sold to international television companies worldwide.

Encouraged by the success, we followed  produced our second film, L’Autre Femme (The Other Woman) in Paris, France. The French language short film went on to be a popular selection at a number of major international film festivals, including Seattle, Cannes, Palm Springs, Mumbai and Sao Paulo. Critically acclaimed, the film also received a cinema release in the UK and has been sold to television worldwide.

We remained in Paris for our debut feature film, Une Journée Tranquille (A Quiet Day). The film was an art house homage to the ‘nouvelle vague’ French films of the 1960’s and as with all of our previous work, it was well received by critics and went on to be distributed theatrically in the UK, France and Canada.   Both A Quiet Day and The Other Woman were released on DVD worldwide at the end of 2007.

In 2008, we completed our second feature film, Full Circle. The award winning film had its world premier at the 38th International Film Festival of India and has subsequently been selected for numerous other prestigious international film festivals, including the Shanghai International Film Festival. It was an official selection for the Macau International Movie Festival where it won The Golden Lotus Award for Best Cinematography. The film has a huge profile, particularly in Asia. Indeed it proved so popular in India that it was remade in Hindi for the Indian market.

In January 2017, we completed our latest short film, PARALLEL LIVES. The film received a prestigious cinema release in London in March/April 2017.

Soon after, in early 2017, we used the limited time available to make our first Spanish language film, EL ULTIMO BESO (The Last Kiss).

We are currently in pre-production for his next feature film, The Black Dogs. The story of a hugely successful British rock band on the verge of imploding as the pressure of their popularity takes its toll.